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hey hey..

damn seems like forever since i wrote in here.haha.i guess ive kinda been busy or just too lazy.whatever..so let's see what has happened in about a month..oh right okay..my friend Eric Davis died on the 14th..everyone at school was crying and..it was just a really bad day that i really dont want to relive.i didnt even go to his viewing or funeral because..i was just too scared and depressed.seems like everyone i care about is leaving me!my brother and sister and their 3 kids are gonna be going back to Georgia pretty soon.Kathy is like one of my best friends and when she leaves im gonna be depressed as hell.also..my friend will is moving to Oceanside..he wants me to go with him and i seriously would if i could get my ass emancipated!!..o yeah..one thing i forgot to say was that me and my parents have been going through a pretty hard time and we're seriously not getting along and i've grown to pretty much hate them and with that i decided to get emancipated..only problem is i dont know where to start.haha.so yeah im pretty much stuck with them until then! my mom said she is going to put me into a different school because im not doing so well in my high school right now but..i think its pretty much just a threat because she always says shit and she never does it for reals..but i wish she would follow through with this one because i wouldn't mind going to a different school.:O)haha.welp!!..im gonna go now..i might write in here next week or whenever i feel like it.bye!

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